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ALCYON PLEIADES NEWS REPORT 42 - 2015: UFO sightings, conspiracies, stra... 

2015/05/22 に公開

As we explained in the video trilogy, Alcyon Pleiades, whilst we await the longed-for entrance of our planet Earth and the entirety of humanity into the photonic rings of the sun Alcyone, as well as the arrival of the extraterrestrial beings from the Rescue Brigades, especially the Pleiadeans and Sirians, there are countless global events taking place all over the world, a series of huge political, governmental, religious and social changes that are essential for the urgent eviction and de-activation of the visible government and the Shadow government, as well as that of the invading aliens on our planet.
In addition to these fundamental points, we refer to facts, the majority of which are extremely unfavourable to mankind. They are events that are worsening through natural and meteorological imbalances, social situations that are increasingly dramatic and critical, provocations and declarations of war in several countries, crises and conflicts everywhere... There are also conspiracies and hidden plots, a greater amount of UFO sightings, strange and luminous phenomena that are more and more evident and occur in more places, etc.
From now on, we would like to periodically inform those who have been following Alcyon Pleiades about all this, by means of a compilation of current news and documents of great interest that very often have not been reported by official means or go unnoticed but which are crucial to know the reality of the times we are living.

Video by ALCYON.